Books & Magazines
In this rapidly changing world with lot of anxieties in human mind it becomes essential to understand the voice of inner consciousness. There are many hidden treasures in our culture, scripture and old teachings. There are much relevant concepts hidden in those teachings which will unfold different aspects of life including both physical and metaphysical states. There are very simple and easy techniques which can bring transformation in our social and spiritual lives if we deeply understand those teachings. Keeping these views in mind this Ashram has taken a resolution to publish a most relevant and befitting magazine "Nilapadma" covering different lively aspects. The annual magazine "Nilapadma" was published in the Month of January on the occasion of Annual function and Sri Sri Baba's Birth day the day of "Avataran Ustav". This magazine includes :
  • Direct teachings from Sri Baba
  • Articles on Spirituality
  • Articles on Live Experiences
  • Articles on Sadhana
  • Articles on Yoga
  • Articles on Herbal medicines
To avail a copy of the magazine or membership subscription, please send an email to or call us on +91-671-2120657.