Education Project
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Objectives in Education development
The primary goal of our Organization for the field of Education is to "Establish a simplified, innovative, reciprocate and value based education methodology from primary level to university level and provide easy access of this unique methodology to all classes of society irrespective of cast, creed, ethnicity and religious background with a priority to unprivileged class in the society".

To achieve the above overall goals on education the objectives are
Ongoing Activities in the field of education

Started with Week-end classed for Tribal Children in 2006
As a starting point we have initiated our operation in the field of education in the tribal village near to Organization. There are more 300 children are being deprived of basic education because of cultural and financial background. Even though there is a govt. Primary school only 10% of children are attending school and rest of the children are accompanying their parents for daily wages.

Looking into this situation from last 2006 to 2009 we have started week-end classes as a first step in resolving this issue and we observed some positive participation, however we felt without a regular class it won't be that effective.

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Education Awareness Campaigns
Literacy is key for socio-economic progress. Comparative analysis reveals; although schooling is free and compulsory from 6-14 years of age, facilities are inadequate and often totally lacking. Approximately 40% of students, mostly girls, drop out by secondary school. It is estimated that by the year 2020 over 50% of the illiterate population of world will live in India". India currently has the largest illiterate population of any nation on earth and Orissa is one of its states having literacy level even below national average.

Literacy has traditionally been described as the ability to read for knowledge, write coherently and think critically about printed material. Literacy rate is a crucial measure to enhance human capital, as literate people can be trained less expensively than illiterate people, generally have a higher socio-economic status and enjoy better health and employment prospects. Literacy also increases job opportunities and access to higher education.

We have observed Orissa is affected the most by the monster of illiteracy and the major reason of illiteracy is lack of awareness. Financial conditions and literacy level of parents is another major reason of illiteracy of children. So we understand regular awareness sessions for parents as well as children are essential to develop interest for education.

From last 5 years we are conducting education awareness campaigns in various tribal and unprivileged villages in Orissa.

Running a Primary School
From our week end class experience we observed that even though there has been increased participation of children but it was not becoming sufficient as per the education need of children. So from 2009 onwards we have started regular school and from 2010 it was resolved to start a primary school for free education to tribal and poor students. This was designed with a flexi time approach such that maximum children could attend regular classes. Currently around 100 students are getting free and value based education from the Ashram school, STARSS ("Sri Tikibaba Adarsha Sikshya Sansthan").

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We invite generous contribution from different individuals, organizations to support our mission in education and help to build a better society.